Below is the information of the remote Eclipse Update Site for the current release, which requires JDK 8. For detailed instructions, please see the Installation section.

Name: ObjectAid UML Explorer
You can also download a ZIP file and use it as a local update site.

If you are running JDK 6 or 7, please use the 1.1.x release:

Name: ObjectAid UML Explorer 1.1.x
You can also download a ZIP file and use it as a local update site.
  • Due to a minor change in the packaging, it is not possible to upgrade to version 1.1.7 or later of the Class Diagram from a version before 1.1.7. Please uninstall a previous version of the ObjectAid Class Diagram by following these steps:
    1. Go to Help > About Eclipse > Installation Details.
    2. In the 'Installed Software' tab, select 'ObjectAid Class Diagram'. Press 'Uninstall...' and then 'Finish'.
    3. Press 'Restart Now' when prompted. You are now ready to install the current version.
  • You need a license to use the Sequence Diagram Editor and the Diagram Add-On. The section Install a License describes how you can obtain and install a license.
  • The above URL will not work in a browser. This is only an Eclipse Update Site URL. If you need to check the availability of the Update Site with a browser, please use


The ObjectAid UML Explorer is an Eclipse plug-in, so you need a Java Development Kit and the Eclipse Java IDE to use it.

  • JDK 8.0 or higher. For ObjectAid 1.1.x, JDK 6.0 can still be used.
  • Eclipse 3.6.x or higher with the JDT (Java Development Tooling)
  • GEF (Graphical Editor Framework) 3.6.x or higher
  • Alternatively: One of the Eclipse Packages that contain the basic Eclipse workbench as well as the Java Development Tooling (JDT) and the Graphical Editor Framework (GEF).

Change Log


  • Don't use sun.misc.BASE64Decoder as it's not available in JDK9.
  • In the 'New' wizard, prefix the 'Class Diagram' and 'Sequence Diagram' with 'ObjectAid' so they can be more easily found with a filter text.


  • Fixed an issue with combined fragments and synchronized methods.
  • Support the adjustment of the width of text labels. This is useful mainly when saving diagrams as PDF or SVG files when some text can be cut off at the end.


  • Support combined fragments in the sequence diagram.


  • Ensure that classifier features reference the correct source when the classifier is renamed.
  • Save the automatic image of open diagrams when the source code changes.
  • Update 'Image' column in Diagrams view when source code changes.


  • Fixed another problem with the Manhattan router.


  • Fixed a problem with the Manhattan router.


  • Fixed a problem with the Manhattan router. Thanks to Humberto A. Sanchez II for reporting it.
  • Fixed an issue with licenses when used in a locale with the Buddhist Era calendar.
  • Reverted the required JDK version back to 6.0 for the 1.1.x releases.


  • Fixed an issue with Eclipse 4.5.2 and above where not all 'Add' context menu items where displayed.
  • Upgraded the required JDK to version 8.0.


  • #400 The Sequence Diagram now differentiates between synchronous and asynchronous messages. All existing messages are now synchronous.
  • #195 The Diagram Add-On now has a Manhattan-style router for class diagrams.


  • #392 Prevent an NPE in certain cases when a type is not available.
  • #364 Support Node-Locked licenses.
  • #391 Fix issue with update site experienced by certain Eclipse distributions (e.g. Eclipse IDE for Java and DSL Developers).


  • #379 Allow alphabetical sorting of a classifier's features in class diagrams.
  • #219 Show associations as aggregations and composites.
  • #349 Fix a threading issue when processing refactoring events.
  • #389 Ensure that unsaved diagrams display correctly when reopened.


  • #375 Support license renewal without SSL.
  • #373 Control foreground/background for diagram elements.
  • #377 Improve diagnostic information when entering a license.
  • #350 Limit size of ignored signature patterns for sequence diagrams.


  • #324 Correct Show Operations > Package/Protected context menu for classifiers. Thanks to Jared Martin for reporting it.
  • #329 Scroll sequence diagram automatically when creating a new message. Thanks to Steve Luecke for reporting the issue.
  • #330 Filter invalid characters in notes. Thanks to Ian White for reporting the issue.
  • #322 Fix some issues related to refactoring of Java source.
  • #249 Allow the configuration of associations that come from type parameters.
  • #360 Fix issue with overriding method that returns a type parameter. Thanks to Krzysztof Serwin for reporting the issue.
  • #365 Support user names with Unicode characters. Thanks to J�rg Mattes for reporting the issue.


  • #288 Prevent SWT exception when refactoring.
  • #289 Add classifiers that the currently selected one depends on.
  • #300 'Select Sequence Diagram' dialog should show workspace path.
  • #307 Prevent issue with fields defined with a type parameter.
  • #308 Display a toolbar for the alignment of diagram nodes.
  • #310 Prevent exception when dragging Java types from a non-Java project.
  • #306 Update Outline view when setting object's classifier in sequence diagrams.
  • #312 Ensure that correct license status is displayed in preferences.
  • #313 Ensure that notes are displayed and printed completely in sequence diagrams.
    Thanks to Sis'ko Vasiliy for reporting the issue.
  • #314 Support associations for fields whose type is a type parameter with a bound.
  • #315 Improve handling when type of language element changes.
  • #316 Render automatic image in display thread.
  • #317 Fix 'Restore Defaults' for 'Ignored Signature Patterns' in sequence diagram preferences.
  • #319 Fix anchoring of note to message when sequence diagram is scrolled down.
  • #320 Ensure that notes can always be selected in sequence diagrams.
  • #321 Ensure that SWT resources are released.


  • #287 Handle Anonymous Inner Class in Call Hierarchy.
  • #286 Don't render text as bitmaps in diagrams saved as SVG or PDF.
    Thanks to Christian Fries for reporting the issue.
  • #283 Support Hiding of Static Class Features.
  • #294 Ensure that OverlappingFileLockException doesn't prevent startup.
  • #285 Fix the 'Save As' functionality for sequence diagrams.
    Thanks to Ranthydev Rereddy for reporting the issue.
  • #295 Correct handling of multidimensional arrays when detecting dependencies.
    Thanks to Christian Fries for reporting the issue.
  • #298 Allow horizontal resizing of packages in class diagrams.
    Thanks to Sam Duke for reporting the issue.


  • #275 Ensure that the SVG version of class diagrams is not cropped.
    Thanks to Christian Fries for reporting the issue.
  • #278 Make attribute and operation display options available on the toolbar.
  • #277 Fix a rare display issue with 'Show Property Accessors'.
  • #280 Ensure that plug-in versions are consistent.


  • #269 Bring back the 'Auto Route' context menu for connections.
  • #270 Change the activation of the Add-On bundle to ensure proper operation of the Diagrams view.
  • #271 Correct the default search type. Thanks to Andrew Lazarus for reporting it.
  • #273 Ensure that check marks are shown for display options.


  • #251 Introduce the Diagram Add-On plug-in.
  • #262 Prevent NPE when association type cannot be resolved.
  • #263 'Add Called Operations' now recognizes variable declarations in the enhanced for loop.
    Thanks to David Rees for reporting it.
  • #264 Prevent ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException for some generic types.
    Thanks to Bede Maclaurin for reporting it.
  • #265 Write diagrams in UTF-8 to support non-ASCII class names.
    Thanks to Winfried Stenzel for reporting it.


  • #257 Ensure that context menus are shown in Eclipse 4.2.1.
    Thanks to Yves Laga for reporting it.
  • #256 Initialize handles when refactoring.
  • #255 Ensure that secondary types are found.
  • #243 Add Show Icons option back into class diagram.
  • #244 Ensure that check marks are shown in context menus.
  • #245 Underline attribute name for static associations.
  • #250 Crop class diagram images to their active size again.


  • #221 Correct the display of nesting relationships in certain cases.
  • #220 Expand dependency detection to constants and static methods.
  • #166 Resolve generic parameter types correctly when adding stack frames to a sequence diagram. This may remove some operations from their messages.
  • #233, #191 Improvements for 'Add Called Operations'.
  • #237 Ensure that context menus are shown when 'Use reduced search menu' is disabled.


  • #211 Make Show Stereotype and Auto Size available for packages and components.
  • #213 Fix alignment to work with more than 2 nodes.
  • #208 Fix generic associations for sub-interfaces of Map (specifically Int2ObjectMap).
  • #210 Fix issues with Eclipse 4.2 M6 (Juno).
  • #216 Prevent poisoned identifiers from propagating.


  • #199 Fixed a rare refactoring issue.
  • #181 Add Called Operations is now available for static methods.
  • #201 Find nested types when adding stack traces or frames into a sequence diagram.
  • #194 Flatten class diagram context menus and convert them to contributions.
  • #203 Correct visibility for enum constants and interface fields.
    Thanks to Philippe Andary for reporting it.
  • #206, #207 Prevent SWTExceptions when refactoring.
  • #127 Allow hiding of stereotype.
  • #171 Show hourglass when classifier is dropped.


  • Prevent a StackOverflowError when a perspective is customized.
    Thanks to Wolfgang Baltes for reporting it.
  • Ensure that only the correct classifier features are shown when their compartment becomes visible. Thanks to James Hoffman for reporting it.
  • Prevent NPE when opening a sequence diagram with a missing classifier. Also fixed a refactoring issue.


  • Prevent an NPE when opening a diagram where a message references a removed object.
  • Converted most console output to problem markers and fixed some messages.
  • Refresh resources properly when files are reverted.


  • Introduce online licenses and tiered pricing.
  • The adding of stack traces/frames is enhanced with a selection of open sequence diagrams. The added call sequences also originate at the currently selected message.
  • Classifiers selected with 'Select All' can be moved again in class diagrams.
  • New classifiers in a class diagram now reflect source code changes.
  • Rename constructors in sequence diagrams when a type is renamed.
  • Fixed issues with opening source and type hierarchy in sequence diagrams.
  • Improved UI feedback for invalid licenses.
  • Fixed the context menu in the sequence diagram's Outline view.


  • A hovering tooltip shows the name and classifier of lifelines in sequence diagrams.
  • Fixed a stack overflow that sometimes seems to happen with Eclipse 3.7. Thanks to Wolfgang Baltes for reporting it.
  • Fixed an issue with generic type parameters in method signatures. Thanks to Paul Vitic for reporting it.
  • Objects can now always be dragged to the last position in a sequence diagram.
  • Super constructors are reverse engineered correctly from stack frames.
  • Super method invocations are shown in sequence diagrams when 'Add Called Operations' is used.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the opening of any diagram when using JDK 7 and Eclipse 3.7. Thanks to Wolfgang Baltes for reporting it.
  • Update all operations when the classifier of a sequence diagram's object is changed.
  • Handle new instances correctly in the sequence diagram's Add Operations.
  • The outline view now shows the proper contents for new diagrams.
  • Upgrade XStream to version 1.3.1.


  • Fonts and their sizes can now be configured for all diagram elements, as well as the background color of diagram nodes.
  • User names for licenses are now case-insensitive.
  • Inner classes as method parameter types are now handled correctly.
  • A new method in a class should no longer remove following methods from a sequence diagram. Thanks to William for reporting it.
  • Copy&Paste has been fixed for class diagrams. Thanks to Jacob Flygenring for reporting it.
  • Various refactoring issues have been fixed.
  • Default constructors are now supported.


  • Preventing an IllegalStateException that could happen in certain cases for binary types without a source attachment. Thanks to Shobha Sridharan for reporting it.
  • Resolve method parameter types so that stack frames are reverse engineered correctly.
  • Change license encryption to support the IBM J9 JVM.


  • Implemented the Sequence Diagram Editor, which requires Eclipse 3.4.X for some of its functionality.
  • The font size has been increased for Mac OS X.
  • Fixed several issues related to Java refactoring.
  • Saving of diagrams in JPG format has been fixed.
  • You can now select enums and annotations in the classifier selection dialog. Thanks to Norm Deane for reporting it.


  • Small changes for Eclipse 3.2 compatibility; note that PNG images do not work in Eclipse 3.2.
  • Fixed issues with automatic image save. Also enhanced automatic image with 'Save Now' action.
  • Fixed project rename refactoring.


  • Realizations from enumerations to interfaces are now supported. Thanks to Guillaume Le Stum for reporting this issue.
  • The deprecated 'type' attribute in old class diagrams is no longer supported because it collided with new development. Old class diagrams which still have this classifier attribute should be loaded and saved once with the previous version of this software. Otherwise they cannot be loaded any more.
  • The initialization job now can be canceled.
  • Always Add Relationships will no longer add realizations between interfaces.
  • Refresh of a classifier now updates relationships correctly.
  • An issue that prevented multiple refactoring updates to the same class has been resolved.
  • The 'Show Icons' flag in the preference page is now on by default.
  • It is now possible to open a source editor on the selected field or method.
  • The online help has been enhanced with screen shots.
  • Fixed the Always Add Relationships option when turned off.
  • Updates of diagram files (e.g. from version control) are once more reflected in open editors.
  • A new option allows to save an image whenever a diagram is saved. It is available in the preferences, the New wizard and the diagram itself. If you save your diagrams with the source code, this should make it easy to integrate images into the package.html file.
  • The saving of GIF images has been corrected again to deal with more than 256 colors.


  • Removed antialiasing when saving a diagram as a GIF image to prevent palette overflow. Thanks to Sri Devi Vara Gollamudi for reporting it.
  • It is now possible to save diagrams in PNG and JPEG formats. Saving to PNG is not supported in Eclipse 3.2, therefore the minimum requirement is now Eclipse 3.3.


  • The plug-in has been broken up into 3 separate plug-ins.
  • Package dependencies now allow the adding of the classifiers that caused them via the context menu.
  • Fixed an issue with saving larger diagrams as GIF files. Thanks to Hongtuan Tian for reporting it.
  • It is now possible to have new relationships always added to class diagrams as soon as they are detected. A diagram option turns this behavior on (Always Add Relationships).
  • The visibility of features can optionally be displayed with icons, like in the outline view. A new diagram option 'Show Icons' turns this behavior on. All nodes then also show an icon next to their name and get a light yellow background. The black-and-white mode is still recommended for printing.
  • Attributes and operations can be filtered by their visibility.
  • Renamed packages now show up immediately in diagrams. Thanks to Andrea Aime for reporting this issue.
  • Binary classifiers from a library (JAR) that is used in multiple projects are now recognized as being the same when participating in relationships. An unfortunate consequence of this change is that binary classifiers in existing diagrams loose all their relationships; they can easily be added back, though.


  • Brought focus rectangles for attributes and operations back in Eclipse 3.3.
  • Added support for package dependencies.
  • Packages are now displayed as required by UML.
  • The corner around which self-connections loop is now selectable.
  • Lots of refactoring to get ready for new features.
  • Dragging from the Call Hierarchy view is now possible.
  • Preventing an NPE thanks to feedback from James Blackburn.


  • Replaced Castor XML libraries with XStream to lower the download size from 2.4MB to 0.9MB.
  • Fixed the deletion of multiple nodes from a diagram.
  • Fixed an issue with certain generic types being added to a diagram.
  • Fixed the handling of primitive arrays when evaluating associations.

0.9.35 2007-07-18

  • Fixed handling of source files that changed their type (e.g. class became interface).
  • Reverse engineer collections of type <? extends X> into associations.


First released version.