Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I activate my license in Eclipse?

When license activation fails in the 'Add License' dialog, then please follow these steps:

  • New licenses are in online mode and you must paste only the license identifier into the 'Add License' dialog. Do not paste the entire encrypted license when the license is in online mode.
  • License activation uses the URL If you access that URL from your browser, you should get an HTTP Status 400 response. Anything else indicates a firewall or proxy issue.
  • If the connection issue is caused by a local proxy, you may be able to fix the problem with the correct configuration in Eclipse at 'Window > Preferences > General > Network Connections'.
  • If nothing else helps, you can switch your license to offline mode on your ObjectAid account:
    • Please click on the license you want to update.
    • On the 'License' page, switch the License Mode to Offline, enter the 'Offline User' name and press the 'Submit' button.
    • You can now send yourself an email with the encrypted license or go back to the 'License' page to copy it.
    • Paste the entire encrypted license into the 'Add License' dialog.
  • If you still have problems, then please contact us.

Why does my online license expire?

Purchased licenses don't actually expire. However, licenses in online mode locally cache a lease of your license which must be renewed once a week over the Internet. This is necessary to let you change the user name as many times as you want.

If the automatic renewal did not happen for some reason, you can go to the Eclipse Preferences dialog and select ObjectAid. Select the expired license and press 'Renew' to get a new lease; you may have to restart Eclipse to ensure that ObjectAid initializes properly. If this doesn't work for you (e.g. because of a sporadic Internet connection), then you should switch the license to offline mode. You can change the mode of a license in your account on this web site.

I cannot download/install the plug-ins from the ObjectAid update site.

To check if the ObjectAid update site is really down, please try to access from your browser. If that works, Eclipse may have a local network issue with a firewall or proxy.

Do not attempt to access the update site URL from your browser, you will get a HTTP 404 response.

If you can connect to the update site, but Eclipse refuses to install the plug-ins, you have these general options:

  • Get a clean Eclipse installation from the Eclipse web site and try again. This will resolve most issues.
  • You also try the ZIP file from the download page. Its contents can be used as a local update site, or you can extract it into your Eclipse directory.

Why can I not log into my new ObjectAid account?

Did you receive the activation email and click on the link in it? You might want to check your spam folder for it. If you didn't enter your correct email address (mistakes happen), you will not be able to activate your account. If nothing else helps please contact us.

How can I use my license on a different computer?

Please keep in mind that user licenses are for individual users, i.e. they are not floating licenses to be used by different people. This is why licenses are restricted to a particular user name (this being the operating system's user name, which you use to log into your computer). There shouldn't be any problems if you want to use the same license on a different computer as long as you are using the same user name, and the license is not currently being used on another computer.

We understand that there are good reasons to change the user name on a license, which can be done on the ObjectAid web site. Simply log into your ObjectAid account and click on the license you wish to change. You should now be on the License page, and the next step depends on the License Mode:

  • For a license in online mode, the simplest way is to check the Reset flag and press Submit. The license will now accept a different user name when activated in Eclipse.
  • For a license in offline mode, you have to enter the new Offline User here and press Submit. You can now send yourself an email with the license. Or you can go back to the license page, copy the encrypted license and paste into the Add License dialog in Eclipse.

Why does the plug-in not start or even crash?
Why does the Class Diagram Wizard not appear?

  • Please make sure that you have installed all prerequisites, especially JDK 6.0 and the Graphical Editor Framework.
  • Certain Linux distributions come with a GNU Java distribution that is not compatible with the required JDK 6.0. In that case you need to install a JDK from Oracle.
  • If you still have problems, then please contact us.

I don't know how to do X with a Y diagram!

Please check the online help in Eclipse, it is much more exhaustive than the information on the web site. You can get there from the Eclipse main menu by selecting Help > Help Contents. There are chapters for the ObjectAid Class Diagram and the ObjectAid Sequence Diagram.

Why are there strange items on the diagram context menu?

Unfortunately the integration with other views (e.g. the Javadoc, Declaration and Properties views) also brings along some undesirable contributions. Eclipse doesn't provide a way to prevent unwanted contributions, and our own efforts only provide a partial relief.

Why are there no context menus in my diagram?

This might be caused by Eclipse Bug 93279 in conjunction with some other plug-in that inadvertently contributes incomplete menu items to the ObjectAid diagram; the SmartBear Eclipse plug-ins are known to cause this problem. Currently the only thing you can do is to uninstall the plug-in which is causing this issue. You should be able to find messages in your workspace's .log file which indicate the offending plug-in.

Why are attributes, operations, stereotypes or labels cut off at the end in my diagram (or its image)?

Try turning off ClearType in the Windows Control Panel under Display. You could also change diagram fonts in Eclipse Preferences under General > Appearance > Colors and Fonts.

How do I get a class diagram?

You should use the New wizard to create new diagrams. Simply press Ctrl-N in the package or folder where you want the diagram, scroll to 'ObjectAid UML Diagram' and select 'Class Diagram'.

How do I get classes into my diagram?

You can drag classes from most views in the Java perspective onto the diagram. You can also right-click in the diagram and select Add, then Java Classifier.

Why does the plug-in take so long to start up?

It probably doesn't. When you open the Progress view, you will most likely see that other jobs (e.g. Java Tooling) are running as well, the ObjectAid UML Explorer just happens to be the one displayed in the status bar.

Is there a quick way to update the display options for several classifiers in my diagram?

Applicable operations are available when multiple items are selected. In this case, you should select the classifiers you want to change and right-click on any of them. Then select the display options you want to change from the context menu. Note that the same display options are also available when you right-click somewhere within the diagram, but these changes will only impact futures additions to the diagram.

Can I also make diagrams from compiled Java code?

Yes, as long as the relevant JARs are on your project's classpath, you can simply drag classes into your diagram.

Why does ObjectAid not support XMI?

XMI is an exchange format for UML models. However, for ObjectAid the model is the actual Java source code itself. Currently ObjectAid does not have modeling capabilities; instead, it offers a graphical view of existing source code. Therefore XMI import/export does not make sense for ObjectAid. Once ObjectAid gets actual modeling capabilities, it will store its UML model as XMI.

Why does 'Save As Image...' not work under Linux?

It does work if you enter the correct extension for one of the supported file types. Unfortunately the behavior of the file selection dialog is different from Windows. This will be addressed in a future release.

Why does my diagram not reflect all refactoring changes?

There are several possible reasons for that:
  • The refactoring happened on another computer which doesn't have the diagram or the plug-in and you just received the source code changes via an update from version control. In this case the refactoring information is lost.
  • Certain refactoring changes in Eclipse do not trigger the refactoring participants upon which ObjectAid relies. This is typically the case when you use drag and drop instead of the (context) menu.
  • If the above don't apply, then it is a bug and you should contact us.

I am tired of scrolling through huge class diagrams, what can I do?

You could turn off attributes and operations for all or some classifiers. Remember that they are always visible in the outline view.

Why is ObjectAid not open source?

The free parts of it will probably be open source at some point, but currently the focus is on the commercial parts.