Class Diagram Sequence Diagram Diagram Add-On
Price FREE see below see below
Create Diagram with Wizard XX
Drag Java Elements into Diagram XX
Check Out Changed Diagrams Automatically XX
Save Diagram as Image XX
Print Diagram XX
Modify Diagram Fonts and Colors XX
Open Source at Class, Field or Method XX
Open Type Hierarchy for Class XX
Update Diagram when Source Code Changes XX
Maintain Diagram in Response to Refactoring XX
Integration with Outline, Javadoc, Declaration, Console Views XX
Show References to Class, Field or Method XX
Reverse Engineer Relationships X
Use Type Parameters to Reverse Engineer Associations X
Add Related Classes X
Show Call Hierarchy for Method X
Create Call Sequence from Source Code X
Create Call Sequence from Call Hierarchy View X
Create Call Sequence from Java Stack Trace Console X
Create Call Sequence from Stack Frames in Debug View X
Combined Fragments X
Add Text Notes to Diagrams X
Export Diagram as SVG or PDF Files X
Manage All Diagrams in a View X
Hide Property Accessors X
Show Aggregations and Compositions X
Manhattan Router for Relationships X
Change the Color of Diagram Nodes X
Lenient Classifier Search X
Define Associations from Type Parameters X

How To Purchase

Once you have created an account, you can purchase licenses with a credit card or obtain free evaluation licenses. Detailed steps are here. You can install the ObjectAid Plug-Ins at any time, but you can only use the Class Diagram without a license. The Sequence Diagram and the Diagram Add-On each require their own license.


You can obtain one free evaluation license per product and account, or purchase user licenses at tiered prices. Please note that volume-based discounts apply to each purchase, not the total number of licenses on an account.

A license applies to one product (Sequence Diagram or Diagram Add-On). It is valid for the indicated software release and includes all updates for that release. For example, a Sequence Diagram license for release 1.0 is valid for all 1.0.x versions. For a new software release, you may have to upgrade your license (e.g. when 1.2.0 is released and you have a 1.1.x license).

Sorry, but licenses are generally not refundable. If you are not sure, please try an evaluation license.

New Commercial Licenses
Licenses Purchased Price Per License
1 - 4 19.00 USD
5 - 19 16.00 USD
20 - 99 13.00 USD
100+ 10.00 USD

Upgrades for Commercial Licenses
Upgrades Purchased Price Per Upgrade
1 - 4 9.50 USD
5 - 19 8.00 USD
20 - 99 6.50 USD
100+ 5.00 USD

New Academic Licenses
9.00 USD Per License
For individual academic licenses, please contact us with proof of your status and the login name of your ObjectAid account.
Please also contact us for volume discounts with academic licenses.


A license can be tied either to a particular operating system user (a user license) or to a specific computer (a node-locked license):

  • A user license can be used by the operating system user you select on one computer at a time. You are only able to use such a license if the user you specified is logged in. You can install the license on multiple computers, but you cannot use it on two computers at the same time.
  • A node-locked license can be used by any user on the computer to which it is locked. A node-locked license is tied to the MAC address of the computer's network interface. It can only be used by one person at a time.

A license can be switched from a user license into a node-locked license and vice verse on your ObjectAid account. Note that licenses can only be used by one person at a time. They are not not floating licenses that can be shared (except for node-locked licenses).

A license is valid for the indicated software release and includes all updates for that release. For example, a license for release 1.0 is valid for all 1.0.x versions. Purchased licenses generally do not expire. ObjectAid reserves the right to implement larger software enhancements in a new release, and to charge for an upgrade of existing licenses to the new release.

How you specify the operating system user or MAC address depends on the license's mode, which can be changed on your ObjectAid account:

  • Online licenses have no limitations on user name or MAC address changes, but require Internet access once a week for automatic reactivation. New licenses are in this mode by default. The operating system user or MAC address is determined automatically when the license is activated in Eclipse, i.e. when you enter the license identifier (not the encrypted license!). You can also change or reset the user name or MAC address on your ObjectAid account.
  • Offline licenses do not require Internet access, but the user name or MAC address can only be updated 3 times. All licenses acquired before release 1.0.5 are in this mode. You have to enter the operating system user or MAC address on your ObjectAid Account. Then the entire encrypted license must be copied into the 'Add License' dialog.

Online licenses are the right choice for most uses. They are especially suited for the management of larger license pools as they allow the easy reassignment of licenses to other users.

Resellers and Enterprise

ObjectAid welcomes resellers as well as enterprises and strives to accommodate their needs. Please note that our software and licenses are delivered electronically over the Internet. Hence you need an ObjectAid account to purchase licenses, while your customer needs one to manage their licenses. You can transfer licenses you purchased from your account to your customer's account, leaving the invoice on your account. Similarly, an enterprise can separate accounting/purchasing from the actual license management.